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  • Bright young things eat chicken drumsticks at a picnic, 1930′s. Film 46161

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    Eating chicken drumsticks. Colour – Bright young things in Britain, amateur home movie. People in their twenties and thirties party on a lawn of a large house. Close up of a woman eating a chicken drumstick. Picnic. Another three people in close up eat chicken.
    B/w – man and woman with cat. Horse runs from man. Man on lawn. Woman climbs park fencing. Horse. Bridge. Arty types dancing. The owner of the hose knew many of the leading ballet dancers of the day and hosted prties for visiting Soviet touring ballet companies. Baby in zoo.
    Colour – zebras and giraffes in zoo
    B/w – giraffes, bear, parrot runs up and down it perch to people’s amusement. Eagle.
    Colour – monley. People at zoo outside rhinoceros enclosure. Bears. Giraffe.
    B/w – people’s tea party.
    Slow motion of a couple dancing on a lawn. Woman performs ballet jumps, jete.
    Colour – group of people. Man presents flowers to woman (perhaps a balerina?). She has her armed linked with another man whom she kisses on the cheek. She also kisses flower donor on the cheek.
    Rose garden, wisteria, grounds of house in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.
    Couple with cats – a Siamese and a Burmese. Couple dance a ballet on a gravel driveway,
    Group shot.

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