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  • Breast Augmentation “Going Even Bigger”

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    Join Jennifer as she has her second breast augmentation. She has chosen to go even bigger and have another breast augmentation with Dr. David Kim.

    During your consultation we will discuss your goals and expectations for the procedure and what your desired outcome would be. We will discuss many topics such as desired size, shape, implant type and incision site. You may also be asked about medical conditions, drug allergies, current medication use, previous surgeries, family history of breast cancer and results of any mammograms or previous biopsies. Dr. Kim will discuss what procedure will most likely get your desired result and will show photos representing these procedures.

    The implants also come in a variety of shapes including high profile, moderate plus profile or moderate profile. ( Also known as high, mid , and low profile depending on which implant company you use ) For a more natural appearance moderate implants are good and for a more round or fuller look up top a high profile implant can be used. Rib cage diameter will also factor in on implant shape choice depending on how large you decide to go.

    When choosing a plastic surgeon it is important to ask for certification. Real plastic surgeons are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeon. This is the only board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties as a true plastic surgery board. It is also important to consider years of experience as well as viewing before and after photos to see samples of your surgeons work.

    436 N. Bedford Dr. Suite 305
    Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210
    (310) 271-6996

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