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    A parody of Lana del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” for all Breaking Bad fans…


    Written by Beth Crosby and Marc Warzecha
    Directed, shot, and edited by Andrew Putschoegl
    Music by Markaholic
    Produced by Beth Crosby

    Performed by Beth Crosby
    Walter White – Alex Staggs
    Jesse – Chris Dougherty
    Gus – Brandon Green
    Camera Awesomeistant – Melissa Martine

    Special thanks to:
    Maile Flannigan
    The Staggs/Mainord household
    Patrick Bonas, David Izabel, Edgar Monico and Jesus Penaloza
    Rally Auto Group, Palmdale
    Lana del Rey
    The City of Palmdale, CA

    And extra special thanks to Vince Gilligan, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Giancarlo Esposito and the entire cast and crew of the best show in TV history. We’ll miss you.

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    Skyler please give me a hug
    Todd come kiss my mug
    When you’re not on my TV set
    I want my ricin cigarette

    I spent every Sunday night
    Watching Heisenberg AKA Walter White
    I even moved into a used RV
    Started a business cooking rock candy

    I can’t believe it’s going adios
    What will I do without my Pollos Hermanos?
    If I can’t watch this goddamned TV show
    I’ll go crazy like Tuco
    (That’s tight)

    Put a towel down please
    So I can beg you on my knees
    I’m so desperate can’t you see?
    I’m stealing shit like Marie

    I’ve got that Breaking Bad
    Breaking Bad sadness
    Series finale time
    Breaking Bad sadness
    Jesse’s super smart when it comes to magnets
    Oh, yeah bitch
    (Yeah magnets bitch)

    What will I watch on TV this fall?
    My only hope is that spin-off with Saul
    Cause Walking Dead is just no fun
    Don’t get me started on Low Winter Sun

    Oh, one day, my cable just went out
    It was the night that Walt had shot Mike Erhmantraut
    I told Time Warner to fix my cable box
    Because I’m the one who knocks!

    I’m not doing very well
    I’m dinging on my wheelchair bell
    Like Gus who was maybe gay
    I’m gonna blow up half my face

    I dream of Jesse nightly
    Seems that I cannot tread lightly
    Once this show goes away
    I’ll never have an A-1 day
    (A-1 day, A-1 day)

    My lady bits go up in flames
    When Walt says “Say my name”
    I might as well be dead
    ATM on my head
    I can’t take the strain
    So I just robbed a train

    Walt don’t leave me like poor Jane
    Choking on my own pain 
    My snack for the finale?
    Lily of the Valley

    Don’t wanna say goodbye
    I’ll even miss that stupid fly
    You might call me an ass
    I read all of Leaves of Grass
    Keep this show on please
    Or I’ll go to Belize
    Oh, don’t go…

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