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  • Breakfast at Glenfield – The Educational Music Video about ACUTE ASTHMA MANAGEMENT

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    Winner of the British Thoracic Society Innovation in Education Award 2012. Winner of the NHS Expo/ Network Casebook II Innovation Award 2013.

    As seen on the Department of Health and BBC News Website:

    New Asthma Guidelines are available at University Hospitals of Leicester – Type ‘Asthma’ into the search field on the Intranet.

    This video is for educational and entertainment purposes. All music rights owned by Warner Chappell. This video is not officially endorsed by UHL Trust in any way.

    It was in fact filmed for free on an HTC Sensation mobile phone by a bunch of docs and nurses during their spare time, with no budget or expertise, in an attempt to get you all managing acute asthma properly.
    We hope you enjoy it.

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