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  • [Brawl Hacks] Brawl (Sonic) Unleashed!

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    After returning from my long absence, I noticed tons of new codes were made by fellow hackers, many of which deserve recognition. So I finally return to show that the world of hacking does not slow down. Without further ado, let me show you what hackers can really do. Here’s hoping code-masters will continue to entertain our already fantasy-filled worlds with a plethora of new twists!

    *I have stopped creating my own codes for now. I have been on a very tight working schedule (one that I can complain about ALOT), hence my long leave. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever make new codes, but it definitely means I have postponed many projects…

    Brawl (Sonic) Unleashed! – Is the title of this video, which does remind me of Sonic Unleashed, but also stands as an essence of what is to come. Codes Unleashed!

    Circle Camera [Igglyboo]
    045B6D94 40200000
    4A000000 805B6D8C
    92210004 0006A540
    86A00004 40200000
    94210004 00000000
    E0000000 80008000

    *Makes the camera Turn, depending on your position relative to the stage

    The Roadway [Phantom Wings]
    4A000000 90180F3A
    38000000 FF000031
    48000000 805B8ADC
    DE000000 80008180
    14000BD4 00000000
    14000BD8 43100000
    4A100000 00000378
    18000004 52000000
    201D003C 00000000
    E0000000 80008000

    *Removes Cars from Big Blue Stage, all except the Falcon Flyer on the very top

    - – - Nintendobros is now – - -

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