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  • BOOMERANG BAT and Free boomerang for February of 2014 giveaway

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    Here you will see me throw my handcrafted returning Bat boomerang. I constructed it with the best 10ply Finnish birch on the market.
    If you would like to purchase on of my boomerangs please visit my website here
    If you would like a chance to win a batarang simply subscribe to my channel and I will draw a winner at random. The winner will be announced in a separate video at the end of February. Good luck everyone.
    I also sell the smaller batarang you see at the end of this video but it is not on my website yet. I sell it for $55. If you would like to purchase 1 please write me and tell me if you are in the US or overseas and I will send you a payment request from paypal.

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