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  • Boogie Woogie : Axel Zwingenberger, Ben Waters, Charlie Watts, Dave Green and Jools Holland

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    Video edited from a Performance on Jools Holland’s “Later” TV Program, September 2009.

    Billed as the “ABC and D of Boogie Woogie”, this was a superb performance of old-time Boogie Woogie Piano Music, featuring Boogie Pianists Axel Zwingenberger {Germany}, Ben Waters {UK}, drummer Charlie Watts {of Rolling Stones fame}, and Dave Green {UK} on Double Bass.

    Having done several shows during 2009, the Band received an invitation to appear on the BBC’s Later TV Program with Jools Holland.

    This Movie Clip has three main parts :
    1 : Interview with Charlie Watts {with a short clip of Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson}.
    2 : Axel and Ben playing a Boogie Duo accompanied by Charlie and Dave.
    3 : The Band are joined by Jools Holland to make it three Pianists on two Grand Pianos!

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