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  • bobcat taking a bath and growling at the drain

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    Turn up your volume and Listen at the 2:24 mark in the video and you will hear him growling at the drain. I wish I could get a really clear video when he growls. It is really amazing, and scary too. He was mad that I started draining the water. He puts his paw over the drain to stop it too. His paw was actually suctioned to the drain and made a pop sound when he took it off that you can’t hear too well, but we heard it pretty loud when it happened. I forgot to shut the door before my bath and of course when Benji sees an opportunity he jumps on it……………..or in this case, in it. He loves water and he’s in his pond everyday swimming, and when we forget to shut the bathroom door he is right in the tub too. He loves his bath warm or cold. He is in his pond even in the middle of winter when it is freezing outside with a foot of snow. And usually after he is done swimming in the pond he comes in the house and runs through the entire house getting everything and everyone wet.

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