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  • Blue Water High 3.7 (Only the end of the episode)

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    sorry, I missed the first chunk of the episode.
    This is what you missed though:
    For Cassie, school is fine, training’s good and her surfing is always getting better. Everything is travelling along smoothly – at least, it was. Suddenly Cassie’s balance goes all out of whack. Concentrating at school becomes impossible, she starts to fall behind in training and the wipeouts come to visit as a regular occurrence. This lapse in concentration can only be blamed on one person – Adam.

    Cassie’s infatuation with him hits new heights. When ‘Birdwatchers Quarterly’ arrives for him in the post, Cassie assumes this strange hobby is all part of Adam’s personality. In the hope that sharing this interest will bring them closer together, Cassie hits the internet in search of information about the elusive ‘Lewin’s Rail’. Not picking up that Adam hasn’t the slightest interest in bird-watching, Cassie continues to read and research about the birds, dropping hints to Adam along the way. He clearly doesn’t catch on, as Cassie’s hobby turns into an obsession.

    Cassie, with all good intentions, plans a surprise bird-watching picnic for Adam. Loren is horrified and tries to talk her out of it but Cassie can’t be swayed. Thinking that Cassie is missing her family, Adam accepts her invitation but is disappointed to be skipping the spectacular waves on offer at Blue Water Beach. Adam is bored stiff at the bird-watching picnic but is doing his best to be polite.

    The episode starts from this point.

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