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  • Bloody hunting (Bushmen)

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    We found the first blood stains after three hours of tracking. With great aim, the Oryx has been reached in the right lung, producing slow and painful death.

    They must cut up the animal very quickly because the dangerous hyenas may be hanging around the place. This meat will provide enough food for a couple of weeks. They preserve by smoking meat and it belongs to the whole community.

    Once they have removed the viscera, blood is deposited in a hole in the sand. A Bushmen love bathing in blood. And this is not ritual, they are simply washing themselves. It’s another example of human adaptation to the desert.

    In less than an hour, the oryx has been exploded and it is only transported to the village, where an old man is required to prove before anyone else can start to eat.

    The Bushmen are very respectful with the environment in which they live. When hunting they are careful not to hurt the females and youngs. They collect only what is necessary for food, and in their fires use the minimum amount of wood.

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