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  • Black Mad Men – Hummus

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    Advertising for black people, by black people, for white people…

    It’s the 1960′s and white business owners want their products to be embraced by the black masses to help drive business.

    Watch Dontrell Dresser, Peggyliqua Oldschool, and Patron Kwambell, the backbone of burgeoning black advertising agency, CPT, as they attempt to pitch winning campaigns.

    Directed by Morgan Evans
    Written by Phil Augusta Jackson
    Produced by Phil Augusta Jackson & Morgan Evans

    Anthony Appruzzese – Luke
    Sasheer Zamata – Peggyliqua Oldschool
    Shaun Diston – Patron Kwambell
    Phil Augusta Jackson – Dontrell Dresser

    Editor: Kevin Etherson
    Animation: Ryan Simmons
    Ad Illustration: Maelle Doliveux
    Crew: Anthony Appruzzese & Hao Lian

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