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  • Black Lips- ‘Boys in the Wood’ Official Video

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    ‘Boys in the Wood’ from Black Lips’ new album Underneath The Rainbow, out March 18th via VICE Records.

    Directed by Matt Swinsky and the ATL Twins.

    Pre-order the album now:

    The bottle of whiskey
    Pour it down his throat
    Been drowned in white lightning
    Gonna let it soak
    My eyes start to bleeding
    From the southern smoke
    And ain’t nobody leaving
    Cause the Shards will split your throat

    And ain’t nobody fooling around

    Them boys are wild back in the woods,they got a child whose misunderstood when the boys start to drinking you know it ain’t no good
    Ain’t gonna live for tommorow
    You know you never should

    His ghost lives in the trailer
    Was his foster home
    Pall malls and an inhaler
    Girls nagging on the phone
    The pain his body’s feeling
    will Leave you accident prone
    And the car he was stealing
    Drove to the unknown

    And ain’t nobody fooling around


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