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  • Bird Dance – Little Morepork

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    This little Morepork (or Ruru in Maori) arrived at New Zealand Bird Rescue Charitable Trust’s Green Bay Hospital in Auckland when it was about a week old. Now it is flying and has lost most of its baby feathers.
    New Zealand Bird Rescue supports the community by assisting many thousands of sick, orphaned, injured and lost birds every year. Birds that come into care here are rehabilitated until they are ready for release back into the wild. We accept and care for all New Zealand birds; no bird is ever turned away. Many have been victims of cat attacks, road accidents, pollution, fishing line entanglements, and human ignorance or cruelty.
    The welfare and wellbeing of all birds is paramount. On arrival at the hospital they are assessed and treated, then cared for and rehabilitated until they are ready for release. When a bird has a serious injury it is taken to Pet Doctors in Mt Albert to be checked and treated by our specialist bird veterinarian, Berend Westernra.
    If you want to know more or get involved, please check out our website or follow us on Facebook,
    Don’t forget the motto “On mended wings we set you free”
    Thanks for watching and thanks for your support.

    Video by Sharon Richards Photography: or

    Music by Kevin MacLeod: Chee Zee Beach

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