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  • Bikini Wax in Japan

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    Japanese Bikini Wax is a wax job done on a woman to completely remove all of her pubic hair leaving her groin area smooth and clean. This is a documentary that shows the full procedure as she has the treatment done at a professional salon. This film contains mature content including graphic female nudity necessary for proper hair removal of the pubic area. The video shows waxing of the labia and vagina. This information is of an educational manner and explains the proper treatment techniques and after care instructions. Following the treatment make sure to exfoliate the area daily and use a moisturizer cream twice a day to prevent ingrown hairs. This is very important. I have included written aftercare instructions so that you can follow the correct aftercare suggestions set forth by the skincare expert. Special Thanks to Lisa and her client at Professional Hair Techniques in O’Fallon Missouri for letting us video tape in her home salon and spa.


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