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  • Biggest fireworks in the world

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    This video shows first of all some still pictures and then video of the amazing 48″ diameter 420kg Japanese “Yonshakudama” shell “the world’s largest single firework”
    When fired the shell rises to over 2,700ft with a bloom diameter greater than 2,400ft and launched every September 9th and 10th for the Katakai-Matsuri Festival in Katakai town, Ojiya-city, Nigata prefecture Japan, it serves as a dedication to the god of the shrine. The Godzilla waking “Yonshakudama” shell comes in two types, the “Brocade crown over small flowers” and the “Floral shell of shells twice blooming”

    The second part of this video is just stunning, the size of these shells simply staggers the mind for the quantity being fired, the smallest being 12″ up to the giant 36″ shells… how I wish I was working on this show!

    Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for lots of interesting firework videos and facts.

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