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  • Between the Knees 무릎과 무릎사이 Korean Movie 18+ Full Video EngSub

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    Movie: Between the Knees
    Hangul: 무릎과 무릎사이
    Revised romanization: Muleupgwa muleupsai
    Director: Chang-Ho Lee
    Writer: Chang-Ho Lee
    Release Date: September 30, 1984
    Runtime: 97 min.
    Language: Korean
    Country: South Korea

    Majoring in flute, Ja-Young grows up under the excessively oppressive education of her mother who regards sex as sin itself from the day when her husband has a baby between another woman. But, her sexual impulse is waken by chance in a abnormal form and her mother gets shocked at her abnormal sexual relations. Ja-Young’s lover Cho Bin contempt her, gradually he comes to understand her. Meanwhile, her half-sister Bo-Young’s jealousy and Bo-Young’s real mother’s husband Cheon Hyeong- Seok’s revenge, Ja-Young undergoes terrible pains and, finally, gets hospitalized. The causes for all of Ja-Young’s problem are analyzed and then, Cho Bin can understand her well.


    Ahn Sung-Kee
    Bo-Hee Lee
    Lee Hye-Young
    Lim Seong-Min
    Na Han-Il


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