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  • best of simon & demi !

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    Can anyone watch this video (or ANY dimon video really) and tell me that they aren’t crazily perfect together?! NO THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT.
    Okay, I don’t ship them romantically, but this father/daughter friendship they have is just TOO amazing. Individually they are like two of my favorite people already (demi rolemodel, simon awe-some) and together… just so many happy times.
    Demi is just really cheeky and Simon acts like he is really annoyed and stuff, but in the end I don’t think he had this much fun on the x factor since… forever.
    Demi makes him smile and the child in him gets revealed everytime he’s with her. (in my opinion the best version of Simon).

    And I know the video is simple, but I didn’t want to use any effects… just the simple love these two have for each other.

    x ilse

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