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  • Best Friend Tag (with Paige)

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    *WARNING* over exposure to this video may cause:
    Loss of sight
    Pain in: head, neck, chest, arms, abdomen, and legs
    Hair loss
    Joint pain
    Peeling of skin
    Injured soul (that’s in the video ;) )
    And probably death
    Sorry for the inconvenience …

    ANYWAY hello my lovely people of the world! AGAIN I AM GOING TO KILL THIS COMPUTER!!! I started uploading it at 4 pm Sunday night and as I type this its 8 pm Monday night. It says it has 1205 minutes left 0_O Well i hope you see this by summer… ANYWAY AGAIN Today I have for you a best friend tag! Its kind of sad… and i’m sorry. If only you could sit next to me and watch it with me so we could become best friends. We could share a box of popcorn and some snow caps (OK wheres the copyright button…), maybe a soda or 2… then we could make a best friend tag ourselves! See we can be best friends it aint that hard. I need a doctor… or some friends… ;_; Well i’m out PEACE OUT HOME GIRL!


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