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  • Belle doll cake – Beauty and the Beast

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    For all haters : All mean/ignorant comments will be deleted and I’ll block you from my channel. So don’t waste ur time. Instead, save that time to make your own cakes and then make your own video , then post them here as tutorial video . Sorry but don’t like it just don’t watch it. Thanks !

    It’s not that hard to make thou. A lil bit patient and skilful, you will be able to make it in 2 hours maximum. I can do it, so can you!
    A basic doll cake serves approx 12 people. I used a doll pick (this is just the head/torso. It is not a full doll with legs) to make this cake , you can find this type of doll in either Michaels or Walmart 3.5$/1 .

    Music :
    Better in time &
    Bleeding love . Leona Lewis

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