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  • Behind The Scenes – Grass Kart Racing

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    Click here to watch the main vid!

    We shot this video in Australia in Kurrajong Heights! They were awesome to work with and it was a blast riding the karts! Check them out in the link below!

    Super thanks to our friend Alex Dover who is also a filmmaker, he took us to many of the places we filmed at! Check out his new photography/videography project page!
    Quartermelon –”

    Super thanks to RediMow who hooked us up with the 4 wheeler for the shoot!

    Rode mics came out and helped us out with the sound for the main vid!

    Rode VideoMic Pro
    This is the mic I use for everything. I shoot most of my sound on this, from camera.

    Rode Videomic Pro with “Deadcat” wind Muff
    This is the same mic as above except for it has a wind guard to help prevent wind sounds.

    Rode NTG3 Shotgun Mic
    For filming dialog, where your in an environment that you can setup

    Rode NTG3 Shotgun Package (includes boom pole, blimp, xlr cable, and shotgun mic)

    Rode Smartlav
    Lav mic to hook to iPhone/iPad

    Also, if you want to have any other audio questions, contact Rode directly, contact them on any of their social media platforms.


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