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  • BEAVER slap, mate build, swim, lodge

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    This may be the first view ever of mating beaver. They may generally mate at night and underwater, thus, they haven’t been photographed. The video shows wild young beaver mating and beginning their home. The mating begins when the male grabs the female and pushes her underwater (right after the tail slap). It takes place underwater. (Turn up the sound to hear the tail slap in regular and slow motion.)

    The next part of the video shows the amazing beaver body. This beaver weighed around 45-50 lbs (it was unfortunately killed by traffic).

    The later part of the video shows beaver working, using their hands, and a beaver lodge on the same water body- possibly built by the first young beavers shown, when they were older

    The beaver (the animal) is an amazing animal. It has manipulative, construction, and architectural capabilities comparable to some human abilities. Next to people, they probably modify the landscape more than any other animal.

    They can cut down and carry huge trees, which it would take a human lumber jack to move. They make reservoirs and wet lands as large and well-designed as those made by people. They make round lodges in these reservoirs and shoreline lodges that have underwater entrances and inner chambers as large as some human dwellings. They then cover the lodges with mud, which freezes almost as hard as stone, protecting them from having wolves and wolverines attack and kill them. The homes can have several rooms for drying out and include a living room. Like people, they store their food and keep a supply for winter.

    Although beaver (Castor Canadensis) are rodents, they can be human sized. They grow throughout life and large ones can weight up to 100 lbs. they are highly intelligent and construct well-designed dams and homes.

    They have manipulative hands and carry mud, stones, limbs, and trees with their forepaws and between their teeth. Their dams can be over 2,000 feet long, 14 feet high, and 23 feet long.

    They are also well-known for their danger signal, when they slap the water with their tail. This not only startles predators but tells other beaver to dive. The sound can be heard at a great distance both above and below water.

    They hare monogamous and mate for life. The young may remain at home for 2 years. Beavers have lived as long as 19 years. They have webbed hind feet and a broad, scaly tail, can be up to 2 feet or more long, are chiefly nocturnal, and can be found from Canada to northern Mexico. They generally mate in the spring and these are a little later than normal, but maybe they just then found each other.

    Although today’s rodents are generally small, the fossil of a car-sized rodent that probably weighed over 2000 lbs. was recently unearthed in South America.

    Beaver are hunted and trapped for their valuable pelts, which are as protective for humans as for beaver


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