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  • Beautiful Naked Stop-Motion

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    Get to know your body with Withings

    Sam isn’t very happy with his body, but see what happens when he starts to listen to what his body is trying to tell him.

    Shot with 100 people, over 3 days, we took more than 2,000 still images which have been stitched together to create this amazing stop-motion animation.

    “Here is a man.
    He is called Sam.
    And here is Sam’s Body,
    Sam isn’t a fan.

    All that Sam wanted,
    Was to look better naked,
    But seeing his Body,
    He felt so deflated.

    Then one rainy day,
    Sam’s Body said “Hey!
    It’s time that you listened,
    To what I have to say.”

    Out came the sun,
    Sam’s Body said “Let’s run!”
    Sam couldn’t believe it,
    Running was fun!

    So was dancing!
    Jumping and swimming.
    Sam promised his Body,
    He’d never stop listening.

    Now there is Sam,
    He’s not the same man,
    He knows his own Body,
    And Sam’s a huge fan!”


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