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  • BEACH HOUSE – “WISHES” – Directed by ERIC WAREHEIM (Official Video) – PLEASE SET TO 1080p!!!

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    BEACH HOUSE – “WISHES” – Directed by ERIC WAREHEIM (Official Video)

    “Wishes” appears on the Beach House album Bloom
    Directed by Eric Wareheim (
    Starring Ray Wise as the Coach
    Video Production House: Abso Lutely Productions
    Video Producer: Hillary Calhoun
    Editor (and VFX) Eric Notarnicola
    Director of Photography: Eli Born
    B Camera: Jarred Alterman
    Costume Designers: Diana Contreras and Mindy Le Brock
    Art Director: Melanie Mandi
    Special Thanks: Josh Cohen and Clark Baker

    Thank you to everyone who were cheerleaders, athletes, fans, water boys, and of course the horse.


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