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  • Batman: Arkham City (The Movie)

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    This will likely be my last movie until Assassin’s Creed 4, which comes out later this year. Not sure whether I’ll be able to make that this year or will have to put it off until early next year, we’ll see. This semester I’m really busy with school and work, but this should be my last semester, so I should have more free time next semester.

    For those of you who may not be familiar with my work, yes this is a movie. No, it’s not a hollywood production, but I still consider it a movie. The idea is taking a game, and editing it in a way that allows the story to be seen and enjoyed by people who don’t play video games. This also allows people who enjoy the game to go back and rewatch the story without the time necessary to play the game, and without the stress induced by dying multiple times, lol.

    While cutscenes are a focus for me, as they drive the story, they aren’t the only thing included in these movies. If you do that, you lose a lot of the story. I have to include enough gameplay to link the cutscenes without confusing the viewer. I want to make sure someone who’s never played the game can still understand the story. I also like to remove any “game indicators” which make it obvious to the viewer that they’re watching a game. One thing I was able to do with this game was disable the HUD entirely. I found a config file tweak that allowed me to disable the HUD, making this a much more movie like experience. This allows the game to be presented in a much more cinematic style that helps fit it to this format much better. The only thing that remained was the bat logo that appeared above enemy heads in some areas, but I was able to edit those out.

    As I said, AC4 will likely be my next movie, but there are other games I’m looking at as possible candidates for future movies. These include Watch Dogs, Arkham Origins, Beyond: Two Souls, and Infamous: Second Son. I’m going to wait for reviews before deciding to purchase Arkham Origins or Beyond, but if the games are good, they seem like they might work as movies. Assassin’s Creed 4 will be the PS4 version, and if I do Watch Dogs, that will also be the PS4 version.One thing I’m concerned with with Watch Dogs is game length, as I heard it might be a very long game.

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