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    What I used:

    -Skin 79 BB Cream (**):

    -Sigma Angled Kabuki Brush:
    US (**):

    -Mesh Lenses:

    -120 Pro Palette: (*) (**):

    -Royal and Langnickel brush set (*) (**):
    My review on the set:

    -Nail Art Brushes (for filling in eyebrows):

    -MUA Black Eyeshadow:

    -Sleek Kajal Eyeliner:

    -Royal Lash Glue (**):


    -Barry M Lip Liner in Plum:

    -e.l.f. Lipgloss:


    Items marked with a (*) were either given to me at events or sent to me to review. I am not paid to use any of the products mentioned, if I use it it’s because I like it :)

    Anything marked with a (**) is an affiliate link. This means that if some purchases a product through this link I get a percentage of the sale. It dose not cost you more to purchase through this link and the companies that I am affiliated with are companies who’s products I really like and use often :)

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