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  • Balisongs (butterfly knives) – Why are they banned?

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    *UPDATE* Link to a petition to repeal the centrifugal force knife law in Canada:

    Just a little rant about the non-legality of balisongs in most countries, as well as nonsensical, paranoia fueled weapon bans in general.
    The problem is that law makers seem to base their decision to ban or restrict certain objects mainly on stereotypes, misconceptions, and isolated cases of abuse. And they seem to ascribe some kind of magical, evil power to certain knives that forces the user to assault people.

    However, what truly matters is not the item, but the intent. Mentally stable, law abiding citizens will not be turned into blood thirsty thugs merely because of the knife design. Criminals can use all kinds of tools to harm people, and such bans accomplish nothing but limit the freedom of those who respect the law.

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