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  • Bad Reputation [Kristen Stewart]

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    THE MOVIE @ 0:22 IS “INTO THE WILD.” because everyone asks…

    Because for some reason I think this is probably one of her anthems. :)

    Song: Bad Reputation
    Artist: Joan Jett (anyone who knows stuff about KStew will find this amusing)
    Clips: Oh what didn’t I use.
    Twilight, Into the Wild, In the Land of Women, The Messengers, Speak, Zathura, Cutless, Twilight BTS/MTV interviews, Vanity Fair BTS, The Today Show interview, Unscripted interview and I think thats it.
    *And a huge thanks to and for stills and clips.

    Yes, Kristen Stewart smokes. Before anyone asks me this, she does. Both ciggs and weed. So lets get those comments out of the way now… lol.

    QUOTES (In order):
    -”Do vampires have sex?”

    -”Whats it like to kiss a vampire, Kristen?”

    -”I’m not deaf.”
    “I’m not DEAF.”

    -”La Push, baby.”
    “Should I know what that means?”

    -”Pretty straight forward.”

    -*knock knock knock*
    Feb 5:

    #40 – Top Favorited (Today) – Entertainment
    #70 – Top Rated (Today) – Entertainment


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