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  • “Babies vs. Door Stoppers Compilation” || CFS

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    Babies vs. Door Stoppers Compilation
    There is no need for toys anymore. Babies are easily entertained with weird thingies called door stoppers. Let the battles begin!

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    ►Clips used in this video:
    1. Baby Door Stop Giggles –
    2. Infant baby door stop fun –
    3. Baby v Doorstop (featuring an apparently disproportionate level of hilarity) –
    4. Baby humor with door stop –
    5. Baby laughs at door stop –
    6. Dominic laughing at doorstop –
    7. Our baby girl playing with a door stop –
    8. Entertained by a doorstop! –
    9. Babies vs door stop.wmv –
    10. Baby vs. doorstop –
    11. Funny Baby and the doorstop –
    12. Twin baby boys giggling over doorstop –
    13. Wee baby Jack and the door stop –
    14. Baby Laughing at Door Stop –
    15. Baby Cracking Up at Doorstop –
    16. Baby door stop –
    17. Baby loves spring door stop –

    “Babies vs. Door Stoppers Compilation” || CFS
    “Babies vs. Door Stoppers Compilation” || CFS
    “Babies vs. Door Stoppers Compilation” || CFS

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