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  • avantgarde NANO Horn Speaker System in KENRICK SOUND

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    Horn Speaker System + Active Sub Woofer System ケンリックサウンド株式会社のショールームにて

    Song track : Kiss kara hajimaru Mystery (Kissからはじまるミステリー)
    Artist : Tatsuro Yamashita (山下達郎)
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    Actually the sound signal is NOT coming from iPhone. The FLAC or Apple lossless track from Logitech Transporter with Antelope TRINITY + 10M (Rubidium atomic generator) goes to Sunvalley SV-192S for re-sampling. And upsampled 24bit /​ 176.4kHz signal goes to DAC – Chor​d QBD76HD then TRV-845SE tube amp drives avantgarde NANO. iPeng – App is running on my iPhone to control Logitech Transporter.

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