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  • Asking 200 Girls For Sex (Social Experiment)

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    I got a yes or two on this one, slapped, laughed at, and had my life threatened. At least no water thrown in my face this time around!
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    This was filmed over the course of my 2 week trip in Europe, I wanna say I filmed 7 different days for this one. I definitely noticed a difference in how the girls responded in Europe versus in the USA (California). There was a pretty wide range of reactions from amusement, shock, interest, disinterest, disgust, flattery. The majority of people I talked to reacted positively – positively in the sense that they were not offended and actually found the whole thing interesting / humorous / amusing. It probably helped that I did the whole thing in an affable and non-threatening manner. A few people played along as can be seen (IE, a girl jokingly says yes) – these do not count towards the score. A “maybe” or “maybe later” does not count towards the score. The “yes” must be definitive. Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy the video!

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