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  • Arcade Domination

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    Don’t mess with the Arcade Dominator on his home turf.
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    Thanks to Sucker Punch and inFAMOUS Second Son for making this video possible.
    Learn more about the game here:

    Featuring music from the inFAMOUS Second Son Soundtrack (releasing 3/18 on iTunes and 03/25 on Something Else Music Works).

    Extra special thanks to Round One Bowling & Amusement for letting us film in their super rad arcade!!!

    Like the RocketJump gear worn in the video? Go get yourself some at

    Freddie Wong as the Arcade Dominator
    Clinton Jones, Jon Karmen, and Benji Dolly as the RocketJump Gang
    Tait Fletcher, Caitlin Dechelle, and Eric Linden as the Fun Police

    Directed by Dez Dolly
    Produced by Alicia Martinez
    Epic Stunts and Choreography by Eric Linden and the Action Factory
    Shot by Jan-Michael Losada
    Edited by Ben M. Waller and Freddie Wong
    Wardrobe by Layne
    VFX by Clinton Jones and PLAYFIGHT
    Sound Design by Kevin Senzaki
    Additional Sound Design by Josh Lee-Kwai
    Sound Mixing by Kevin Senzaki and Ben M. Waller

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