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  • Apollo Crash Sites: Lunar Modules & S-IVBs

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    After landing on the Moon, what ever happened to the Lunar Ascent Modules? Turns out they were crashed onto the moon for Science!
    Here are all the known crash sites of the LM Ascent Stages, S-IVBs and why they were impacted on the Moon.
    Plus a brief history on how they were found by independent researchers.

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    Info that made this video possible:
    Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Cameras

    Lunar Quickmap by ASU

    Apollo 12 LM Crash Site discovery paga by Michael Marcus

    NASA Scientific Visualization Studio

    All Apollo Program mission reports and technical reports

    Space Flight NASA video and photo gallery Forum where the LM discoveries were posted

    Status info on all Lunar Modules

    GRAIL Lunar Mission

    Cassini Mission to Saturn RAW Images

    Kevin M Gill amazing visualizations of Mars

    Lost Frontier by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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