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    Well here’s an animation is as promised :D No wolves in this one though I’m afraid people, but it is from Wolf’s Rain which kind of balances it out yes?
    This has been a work in progress for the last 3 months and I learnt a hell of a lot from making it. It’s easy to see the parts I put a lot of effort into and the parts I was lazy with, not to mention the atrocious anatomy errors in all five characters. At any rate it was awesome fun to make and somewhat easier now that I’ve gone back to the lineart style as opposed to my “furry animals” style. Constructive crit is greatly appreciated ^^

    Oh, also I apologise for how confusing this video is. It was hard getting the story to make sense whilst also fitting it to the already existing audio of Wolf’s Rain (epic anime BTW ^^) so it might be a little confusing. The basic story is that our puma is entering this cave in order to gain increased powers, but Hige and the gang try to stop her before this happens. Hige is overpowered and Tsume & Toboe shield him as Kiba enters the scene and battles the puma. She paralyses him with her magic but he retaliates and eventually renders her too weak to continue her plan.

    Meh it’s fail but whatever. To be honest I’d much prefer to hear your own interpretations of it in a comment ^^


    Q) What programs did you use to make this?
    A) The programs are listed at the end of the video. Adobe Photoshop is an art program, Movie Maker is a free video editing program, as is Sony Vegas although it costs money

    Q) Where can I get them for free?
    A) People I hate this question. Don’t ask it. Downloading software from the internet is against the law and whilst I have no trouble with people doing it, I have no intention of helping you do it. If you’re too stupid to figure out how to download stuff you shouldn’t be downloading stuff. The programs I use are bought and paid for.

    Q) How did you make this?
    A)By drawing a multitude of images and placing them together. If you want more information, check out some of the many “how to animate” videos on Youtube. In answer to this question as it applies to effects and backgrounds, everything was drawn on frame-by-frame. No special effects were used aside from the flash.

    Q) Teach me how to do this!
    A) No. I am not a machine. I will probably upload a tutorial of how to animate in the near future but I have no intention of instructing each and every person who asks on the vast amount of methods and techniques that are applied in animation. If you really want me to tutor you properly be willing to pay cash.

    Q) I want a free animation program. Help!
    A) Google Pencil 2d. It’s a nifty little thing that can be quite fun to make animations on. Plus it’s completely free ^^

    Q) How do you make it so smooth?
    A) I get this a lot and the answer is very simple: frames, frames and more frames. If you practice enough you’l get a feel for roughly how many frames you need but as a beginner the main rule to remember is that you cannot draw too many frames. The more you draw, the smoother the animation will be.

    Q) Did you use a tablet for this?
    A) Yes. A WACOM Bamboo One tablet to be precise. They’re awesome little tools ^^

    Q) What is the frame-count/frame-rate?
    A) No idea what the total number of frames is. Suffice to say it is probably in the region of 1000. As for the frame-rate I generally do about 15 frames per second for standard animation although when I am feeling lazy or trying to lipsync this varies considerably.

    Q) Why did you make Toboe a heron/Hige a fox etc? That doesn’t suit them at all. They would have been better as a . . . (insert different animal species)
    A) Please don’t comment this. The animals are not meant to be Toboe or Tsume or anyone else — they share the same names due to the nature of the audio and some of their actions are the same, but they are fundamentally different characters invented for the purpose of this animation.

    Q) Why does the Kiba deer resemble a wolf/have sharp teeth?
    A) Kiba has sharp canines in this animation because he is a hybrid red deer/white tailed deer. Red deer often have enlarged canines and Kiba has inherited these. His anatomy resembles a wolf in some sequences because I am very bad at animating other animals and have only ever drawn deer a handfull of times in my life. Drawing a single image of a deer is one thing but when animating several hundred frames I start to loose concentration and slip back into canine style. Hopefully I’ll improve in time.

    Q) Will there be more of these characters in other animations?
    A) I hadn’t originally planned to make another but due to the overwhelming number of comments asking for a sequel I will probably whip something up in the future ^^ Just as soon as I’ve recovered from making this one XD

    Any other questions I will be more than happy to answer ^^

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