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  • Anastasia Petryk (11 years), Victoria Petryk (16 years), recital

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    So how do these girls sing, do not sing no one!
    Anyone who loves a good song in a live performance!
    Unique young singers Petryk sisters sing for you!
    Greet! Meet! Enjoy! Anastasia and Victoria Petryk!

    They participated in many singing competitions and almost always won.
    Behind the back of Victoria the second place in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2008, and Anastasia win a stunning victory in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012.
    They are invited both into the best shows on the largest concert venues in different countries and into small celebrations in the family circle.
    They are master of all genres and styles from children’s songs and musical parodies until the world classics of song.
    Each of their performance, duo or solo, invariably causes delight, wonder, awe, and not passing a feeling of unreality.
    The first recital of Petryk sisters had took place in the overcast and foggy day of the 26th of October 2013 at the Cultural Center of the Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs.
    Nastya and Vic sang their new songs, remembered the songs that made them famous a few years ago and gave a small master class.
    The next day in Kiev was clear and warm. It was as if nature itself was kept warm and flourished due to the amazing Nastya’s and Vic’s voices…
    Here is a video version of this concert.
    Let you and bring joy to the songs in the brilliant performance of Anastasia and Victoria Petryk!
    Official site of Petryk sisters:

    The concert included songs:
    - When You Believe – Stephen Schwartz
    - Oh! Darling! – Paul McCartney
    - I Love Rock n Roll – Alan Merrill, Jake Hooker
    - Ya stanu morem (I’m going to sea) – Vitaliy Volkomor, Nikolay Brovchenko
    - Fever – Lady Gaga, Rob Fusari, Jeff Bhasker
    - Without You – Pete Ham, Tom Evans
    - Nebo (Sky) – Anastasia Petryk
    - Victory – Anastasia Petryk
    - Americano – Denis Deynego
    - Ty i ya (You and I) – Denis Deynego
    - Come Together – John Winston Ono Lennon
    - Rolling in the Deep – Adele, Paul Epworth
    - Simply the Best – Mike Chapman, Holly Knight

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