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  • Anal Canal – Simplified Anatomy

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    After watching this video you will be able to:

    Define and describe the internal features of the anal canal: pectinate line, anal columns, valves and sinuses.

    Describe the anal sphincters (internal and external) and provide a comparison between them in relation to type of muscle fibers, extent, innervation and relation to puborectalis.

    Describe the venous drainage of the anal canal and demonstrate the presence of a portocaval anastomosis.

    Identify the position of the anal cushions.

    Discuss the significance of internal rectal venous plexus and arteriovenous anastomosis.

    Compare between between the upper and lower part of the anal canal in relation to: embryological origin, lining epithelium, arterial blood supply, venous drainage, lymphatic drainage, nerve supply and internal features.

    Discuss the applied anatomy of internal and external hemorrhoids in relation to their location, formation, predisposing factors, pain sensation, and susceptibility to bleeding.
    Identify the location of the anal fissure and provide the anatomical explanation for the associated pain and spasm.

    Presented and edited by Dr. Akram Jaffar, Ph.D.
    February 2013

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