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  • AMMT SRLDM Lymph Detox Massage E309C Abdomen

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    AMMT SRLDM Lymph Detox Massage E309C Abdomen

    For thorough understanding the theoretical background of SRLDM, one needs to study the following subjects in university and/or graduate school-
    1. Electromagnetic Field theories (EMF), Quantum Mechanics, Relativity
    2. Immunology and auto immune diseases
    3. Nei-Jing (Human Body Internal EMF)
    4. Essential Nutrition and Nutrition Medicine
    5. Organic chemistry in essential oils
    6. Brain Waves Medicine and Mind Healing

    Aroma Medicine Products (AMPs)
    NMRCC invented hundreds of AMPs (aroma medicine products) for anti inflammation and auto immune diseases relief ( AI and AIR). They include oil, toner, serum, cream and lotion with different combination of essential oils and in different concentration. Most frequently used AI/AIR products are also AAA . They includes:
    GH/P52/P60/P80/G1/G3/G5/G6/G7/G10/G12 AI/AIR Oil
    P10/P25/P30/P50/G1/G3/G5 AI/AIR Toner
    P50/P68/G1/G3 AI/AIR Serum
    P25/P36/GH/P70/G1/G2/G3/G5/G6/G7/G10 AI/AIR Cream
    P25/P36/P50/G1/G1H/ G2/G3/G5/G6/G7/G8H Lotion
    GH/G1/G2/G3/G5/G10/G20 Water Base Essential Oil (WBSE)
    G100 AI/AIR Essential Oil and Lymph Detox Essential Oil

    The 30-45 minutes AMMT SRLDM Lymph Detox Massage E309C Abdomen is a stress relief passive exercise for healthier brain waves, reproductive system, digestive/urinary system. It can also be a more effective detoxification and anti aging method for the internal organs, tissues, cells for the massaged areas.

    Nutrition Medicine -
    Nutrition Medicine Research Centre of Canada (NMRCC) has done more than 15 years of theoretical researches and human experiments on the medicine with 8th Nutrition – essential oils. The study is defined as “Aroma Medicine” which is also called “Eighth Nutrition Medicine”, or ENM. One of
    the findings from Canadian federal government approved projects is that Chin Cheng Lin discovered essential oils from plants provide multiple health benefits to animals. These essential oils in various parts of plants do not only help plant to be against microbes but also protect human from infection
    against bacteria, fungi and virus. The project is called AAA, Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal and Anti Viral.
    The 5-year AAA experiments project also found that while infected, human tends to have inflammation symptoms in skin and/or internal organs and tissues. NMRCC contributes its effort in the second health project – Anti Inflammation (AI). From NMRCC’s point of view, inflammation is similar to an “alert effect” and is not a disease. However, if the immune system attacks normal tissues and cells abnormally, it may result in various serious diseases. These over-reacted serious symptoms are called AID, “auto immune diseases”. NMRCC’s human experiments are aiming at the relief against AID. NMRCC named the project “AIR – Auto Immune Relief”.

    SDCE CCW – Superficial Detox Circular Effleurage Counter Clockwise (Right, Left, All)
    SDCE CW – Superficial Detox Circular Effleurage Clockwise (Right, Left, All)
    VEDM – Visceral Enhancing Detox Massage
    LNVEM – Lymph Nodes Vessels Enhancing Massage
    a. DLNEM – Deep Lymph Nodes Enhancing Massage Inguinal & Parametrial
    b. DLDM – Deep Lymph Detox Massage, Intestines BLadder Uterus
    c. DTDM – Deep Tissue Detox Massage, Ovaries
    d. LNEM – Lymph Nodes Enhancing Massage Iliac Nodes Cisterna Chyli Thoracic Duct
    e. MLDM – Manual Lymph Drainage Massage Digestive Lymph Thoracic Duct
    f. LVDEM – Lymph Vessels Drainage Enhancing Massage
    h. LNEM – Lymph Nodes Enhacing Massage Superficial Superior Inguinal Node (Left)
    i. MLDM – Manual Lymph Drainage Massage Superficial Superior Inguinal Node (Left)
    j. LNEM – Lymph Nodes Enhacing Massage Superficial Superior Inguinal Node (Right)
    k. MLDM – Manual Lymph Drainage Massage Superficial Superior Inguinal Node (Right)


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