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  • Amazing Street Doumbek(Goblet Drum) Kid drummer

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    Amazing Street Doumbek(Goblet Drum) Kid drummer

    Doumbek (goblet drum) is a single head membranophone
    with agoblet shaped body used mostly in the Middle East,
    North Africa, South Asia, and Eastern Europe.

    The origin of the term darabukka probably lies in the
    Arabic word “darab” (“to strike”). The original use of
    goblet drums in Babylonia and Sumer dates from as
    early as 1100 BCE. On Celebes one large form serves as
    a temple instrument, set on the floor when performed,
    which could be a survival of the ancient use of the drum.

    There are three main sounds produced by the goblet drum.
    The first is called the “doum”. It is the deeper bass sound
    produced by striking the head near the center with the length
    of the fingers and palm and taking off the hand for an open sound.
    The second is called the “tek” and is the higher-pitched sound
    produced by hitting near the edge of the head with the fingertips.
    A ‘tek’ struck with the secondary hand is also known as a “ka”.
    The third is the closed sound ‘pa’, resting rapidly the hand on
    the head to not permit an open sound.

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