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  • Amazing Ping Pong Cup Shots 9 (⑨) 1080p HD

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    Three years in the making, 67 Amazing Ping Pong “Beer Pong” Trick Shots from eight cities in four states.

    Song is “Flavors” by Jack Conte

    Sorry about the times when there’s 2-9 shots going on the same time. I felt like some shots were too long/ lame to be viewed alone, so I tried stacking a bunch at a few occasions so they could still be in the video without being too boring. I know at first it’s super overwhelming but watching the shots slowly being made over the course of many years, I felt like having a few areas with a bunch of shots at once was the best way I could try to make the video as awesome and action-packed video possible.

    Captions and annotations are unnecessary and confusing, but I thought I’d might as well make them if you wanted to read along with the lyrics and to put little notes and they of course can be enabled/ disabled on the bottom right.

    Thanks for watching and I hope to make many more trick shot videos in the future!
    Ping Pong Cup Shots 10 coming out hopefully sometime before I’m 80

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