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  • Amazing Hip Hop Mashup with bottles

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    The danish group The Bottle Boys is back on It’s Big! with a special Hip-Hop mashup interpreted with empty bottles.
    Switch on your Ghetto-Blaster, take a beer and click !

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    Hip Hop Tracklist :
    Kurtis Blow — The Breaks
    The Sugarhill Gang — Rapper’s Delight
    Grandmaster Flash — The Message
    Salt-N-Pepa — Push it
    The Rock Steady Crew — Hey You
    2 Live Crew — Me So Horny
    2pac — California Love
    Jay Z — Hard Knock Life
    Dr.Dre — Still D.R.E.
    Eminem — The Real Slim Shady
    Dr.Dre — The Next Episode + Snoop Dogg — Drop it like it’s hot
    Kanye West — Through The Wire
    Macklemore — Thrift Shop

    Bottle Boys Channel :

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