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  • AK-47 Underwater at 27,450 frames per second (Part 2) – Smarter Every Day 95 – Smarter Every Day 97

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    In which Destin uses an AK-47 to teach you the Physics of cavitation.
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    See TheSlowMoGuys video here:
    I’ve been subscribed to them for ages. I recommend you do the same!

    Song “Baiji” by A Shell in the Pit – Download here:

    Slow Motion Sound Design by Joey Van Alten

    Diagrams created by Larom Lancaster as part of his personal creativity experiment

    We used 2 high speed cameras in this video. Both were made by Vision Research:

    I the stuff above water level with a Miro LC310

    Gavin shot all the stuff below water with the V1610

    If you’re a nerd, read these wikipedia articles:’s_principle

    The awesome bullet photo was created on a huge piece of film via direct shadowgraphy by Andrew Davidhazy. Thank you for the phone call Andrew.

    And of course, a huge thank you to Jimmy Neutron for letting me shoot in your pool. The conversation on the phone went like this:

    Neutron: Franks Fish Farm
    Me: Hey… it’s me
    Neutron: What’s up?
    Me: (pause) Can I shoot an AK-47 in your swimming pool?
    Neutron: (Long Pause)….. Yes……… (Longer Pause)
    Me: (Silence, letting him rethink his answer)
    Neutron: (Pause) The reason I said yes, is because I realize you would not ask me such an absurd question unless you had already done all the calculations and research to determine you could accomplish it safely.
    Me: You are correct. I can do it safely.
    Neutron: Ok then, when do we shoot?
    Me: (hangs up phone, says to self) I love Alabama.

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