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  • Advanced Lomi Lomi Video DVD: Hawaiian Experience Spa

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    This advanced lomi lomi training video and DVD expands on our basic lomi lomi DVD and introduces over 50 new techniques and combinations. Some of these techniques were taught to us by our teachers while others were developed at Hawaiian Experience Spa with locations in Scottsdale, Arizona and Chandler, Arizona. Hawaiian Experience Spa ( performs thousands of lomi lomi massages annually.

    Steve Ibach and Nikki Ibach demonstrate all techniques and show many from multiple angles. You will see Eternity and Mike receive full body lomi lomi massages as Steve and Nikki break down the techniques used so you can incorporate them into your lomi lomi massages.

    This advanced lomi lomi training DVD is suitable for professionals and serious amateurs with previous lomi lomi training. For more information visit us at

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