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  • Adán y Eva Cuatro – Eyeworks Adam Looking For Eve Promo

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    Adán y Eva is a TV dating show on channel Cuatro in Spain, produced by Eyeworks Cuatro Cabezas1 and presented by journalist Monica Martínez. More:

    Want to find love with maximum ease and Participates in Adán y Eva with Monica Martinez? If you want a partner shere everything, without hiding your body and your personality in an island paradise Adán y Eva is your program.

    A different adventure, which begins where others end, with nothing to hide and ends where other tv show begins with two people disguised under the surface layers of protection. In addition, each program is conclusive and ends with the decision of the couple.

    If you’re tired of the strategies of seduction in the search for love: makeup, clothes that enhance, camouflage, hide or retouch silhouette, do not hesitate and we encourage you to participate in Adán y Eva!

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