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  • A320 Cockpit Action | Cyprus Airways Flight LCLK-LGAV | Larnaca to Athens-CYP312

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    Join the flight crew in the cockpit of a Cyprus Airways Airbus A320-232 on flight CYP312 from Larnaca to Athens! Watch the captain and first officer in action, as they taxi to the runway, spool the engines up, takeoff, travel 500 nautical miles to Greece and land at Eleftherios Venizelos Intl airport of Athens.
    With the intercom audio included, you can clearly listen to the pilot and ATC communications, making every procedure clearer for you to understand. With 3 cameras positioned in the cockpit, you can get a “Sidestick view”, as well as a “Nose view” during landing!
    It’s just another day at the office for them, yet such a great adventure, and a dream for many aviation enthusiasts.

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    Camera used:
    - Panasonic HDC SD-90

    Microphone used:
    - Rode Videomic Pro @ 0 dB, High Pass Filter OFF
    - Micover Slipover for Rode Videmic Pro Microphone Windscreen

    Tripod used:
    - Velbon DV-7000

    Editing Software:
    -Sony Vegas Pro 12

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