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  • A Marijuana Arrest

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    Think that pot is heading toward legalization? Not in New York City, where cops are cracking down on marijuana possession. And these arrests are devastating lives. This is the story of what happened to one beloved public school teacher.

    Directed and Produced by

    Julie Dressner and Jesse Hicks

    Shot and Edited by

    Jesse Hicks

    Written by

    Julie Dressner


    Awesome + Modest

    Abbey Luck


    Paul Brill

    Sound Mix:

    String & Can

    Additional video:

    Joseph Jazz Hayden, All Things Harlem; David Haladjian; Julie Dressner; Jesse Levine

    Sound captured by:

    Justin Hosek; Danny Nidel — NYC Sound

    Funding was provided by the Open Society Institute, a private operating and grant making foundation which aims to promote democratic governance, human rights and economic, legal, and social reform.

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