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  • A little natural gas humor

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    If ya’ll didnt know ‘fracing’ is a term used for hydraulic fracturing of gas wells. The process is needed to break the rocks in order to create paths through which the natural gas can flow towards the well.

    The process involves around 5-6 million gallons of fresh water pumped into the well bore under high pressures. Because the water dissolves some of the salts in the rocks it is extremely salinated, sometimes up to 20x as salty as the ocean waters.

    Residents in the gas regions of PA, NY, Ohio and WV often complain about their residential drinking waters being poluted by the salinated fracture water or sometimes even methane gas from the formation being drilled. This is usually the result of gas companies drilling and fracturing wells in rocks that are not strong enough and eventually the frac water will seep upwards into the water table.

    For more information about fracturing and gas drilling Google it.

    The clip is from a CBC show “22 Minutes” and was given to me via an email through the office.

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