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  • 9/11 Firemen Worried About Big Egg in WTC Austin J Tobin Plaza

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    Listen first to jack kelly (HellRehab has informed me that his name is spelled kelley not kelly and that the female interviewer is lauren ashburn. I appreciate the attention to detail) , Foreign correspondent for USA Today, interviewed on CNN (HellRehab thinks this is the exact same interview as shown on USAToday, but that a couple of phrases have been edited out. Since that is a genuine possibility and I no longer have the original video file, please consider that the jack kelley audio came from USAToday, not CNN), tell us that there were, according to the FBI, explosions in the basements. Evidence of explosives were everywhere on 911. Watch through to see the giant craters around the uncollapsed north wtc1 wall.

    After listening to the report of the bomb in the basement FBI investigation, listen to 2 Firemen discuss the crater in the plaza.

    Look at the part of the crater in front of WTC6, east of wtc1, north of wtc2, as you listen and recognize that something is wrong with that picture! The shadow shows us it is clearly before or around 9:00AM. In the plaza, there is a crater with several large vehicles parked around it.

    I thank user ascoop22 who found this CTV911 uploaded video (from the NIST FOIA collection)
    (comments are not permitted on that video, so feel free to comment here about the content of that one)
    Please watch from about elapsed 10:50 as it appears to be the same scene as my elapsed 27 sec image. There is tons of evidence in that video of significant photoshopping, including the appearances of the twins when the sun is shining directly on their east faces. And, of course, the direction of the presumed smoke shown in that video is totally wrong. The wind was blowing from the other wide of the north tower between the north tower and wtc6; real smoke would have blown toward the plaza fountain, not toward wtc2.

    After watching that segment, watch the whole thing and make up your own mind about whether it is a genuine report of the event. I don’t think it is. I certainly invite comments on it.

    Note to shills and infltrators; this video has been up for more than 3 years and you have never bothered to listen to what the fireman says. I got it wrong. The fireman does not say “like a big X.” He says “like a big egg” referring to the Koenig Sphere (eye of Horus to some) in the Austin J Tobin plaza. User Mohrkai noticed a while back (5/13/12), but his comment was marked as spam, so I didn’t see it.

    Examine the craters left over after the demolition of wtc1; clearly not from falling stuff. They are empty.

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