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  • 9 Very Close Takeoffs & Landings: A380, 777, 787, A330, 757, 767, A319 Manchester Airport

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    9 Takeoffs & landings at Manchester Airport showing clips taken throughout 2013.

    Aircraft filmed are from different locations on different days, so aircraft on the takeoff roll will be different from the aircraft on rotation. Part of the “Very Close Takeoff” collection with some great spool up sounds.

    Singapore Airlines 777-300ER takeoff heading to Singapore
    1st: 9V-SWK (first flight in 2007) 2nd: 9V-SWA

    Emirates 777-300ER landing from Dubai
    A6-ECZ (first flight in 2010)

    Emirates A380 takeoff heading to Dubai
    1st: A6-EEA (first flight in 2012) 2nd: A6-EDS (first flight in 2011)

    Etihad A330-200 takeoff heading to Abu Dhabi
    A6-EYK (first flight in 2006)

    Thomson 787 Dreamliner takeoff heading to Cancun
    G-TUIC (first flight in 2013)

    Thomas Cook 757-200 landing arriving from lanzarote
    G-WJAN (first flight in 1997)

    Delta A330-200 takeoff heading to Atlanta
    N858NW (first flight in 2006)

    British Airways A319 landing from Heathrow Airport
    G-EUOI (first flight in 2001)

    American Airlines 767-300 takeoff heading to Chicago

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