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  • 7 Superhero Facts To Stump The Biggest Fans!

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    It’s Superhero Week here at CineFix, and we’re guessing even the most devoted comic book fans didn’t know ALL these facts. (Challenge Issued!) Subscribe:

    What did you think?? Did you find this list enlightening? Or did you know everything already, along with some facts even more obscure? If so, what fun facts did we miss? Are there other topics we should cover?
    Let us know in the comments below!

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    Movies are a very complicated mess of time, money, people, and strange decisions. Inevitably, in the hodgepodge of life that goes into creating a movie, a few strange and interesting things happen here and there that are rather fascinating little tidbits of information. Every Monday starting in 2014, tune in to Cinefix for lists of things we find out that you (probably) didn’t know!

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