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  • 7 Days in our F1 Wind Tunnel – Time Lapse – Sauber F1 Team

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    How would you like to spend a full week in the Sauber F1 Team wind tunnel? Yeah? Then come on! Comment, share, enjoy! We promise that this is a wind tunnel video like you’ve never seen it before!

    Our Head of Aerodynamics Willem Toet takes you through 7 days days in our Formula One wind tunnel in this 3-minute time lapse. If you’re an F1 enthusiasts or “tekkie”, you’ll learn tons of things from watching (and re-watching) this video. You’ll see the model moving, the boys doing model changes and “pit stops”, and you’ll even get a glimpse of what’s going on underneath the rolling road during maintenance.

    So please watch, comment, like and SHARE this video. Thank you very much!

    Further information: The footage shown in the video was taken a few years back when we were still allowed to run the wind tunnel 24/6 (Sunday was a day off) in 3 shifts. Meanwhile, regulations have changed and we’re limited in our wind tunnel testing. Please excuse the low-res quality of the original footage. It comes from the surveillance cam installed in the wind tunnel test section which is also used as a proof of our activities (regulations).

    We highly recommend to download our leaflet for more information on the regulations changes for 2014 (PDF, 4 MB). It’s pretty informative and fun to read:
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