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  • 5 YEARS: Photo Every Day | Beckie0

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    Becca attempts to take a photo of herself everyday for 5 years.


    41 Great Pulteney Street
    W1F 9NZ
    United Kingdom



    Please read for details/FAQ’S:

    I’m Rebecca Brown, born 4th December 1992.
    I live in the UK.

    Began: age 14 – 5395 days old
    Last photo here: age 19 – 7221 days old


    Q: Cancer?
    A: No.

    I have the impulse control disorders: Dermotillomania and Trichotillomania.
    D: Obsessive Skin Picking.
    T: Obsessive Hair Pulling – which results in severe hair loss.

    I also have Depression and other forms of anxiety.

    Q: Trichotillo-what?!
    A: Trichotillomania

    Basically, I lose my hair through stress. I end up with bald patches and thinning hair. The majority of my hair loss occurs at the sides and on top…which often confuses people who watch this video. “What hair loss? You can’t see thinning hair and patches?” If you focus carefully on the right hand side of the video – my left – you can see the hair thinning and eventually disappearing altogether.

    From the front, you barely see the damage. Therefore hundreds of thousands of people judge me, both positively and negatively and misunderstand.

    Q: Why do you shave all your hair off?
    A: At the time of each shave, I am roughly half bald, more so round the sides and back. By shaving the hair that is left, it stops me ripping out more and allows my head to heal from the latest pulling spree. It also gives the hair a chance to start again.

    Q: Somehow your smile vanished and your eyes became sad.
    A: Depression.

    Q: Long blonde hair randomly appears?
    A: Wigs.

    Q: How do you get yourself to stay in the same position?
    A: I try to pose the same every time, and then I re-align every photograph in my video editor. Very time consuming – but it works

    Q: Dilated eyes?!
    A: My pupils appear to dilate due to the lighting around me, not because of anything else.

    Q: What colour are your eyes?
    A: Light blue. This appears to change when I am subjected to different lighting conditions.

    Q: Who inspired me?
    A: Noah and Clickwhirr

    Q: Music?
    A: I created this in Garage Band.
    I could not use the same music as before, due to copyright. This is a royalty free track. If I could, I would have preferred to have used “Trooper”, by Jennifer Haines.

    Comments regarding my sexual orientation, not that it should matter, I am straight/I like boys. Thankyou.

    Other people in the video:
    Dad/Colin, Mum/Julia, Sister/Eleanor, Brother/ Gregory, Sarah Stanton, Robert Cosh, Tyler Duncan, Jim M, Alex.

    The photographs from 2007 – 2008 were mainly taken in my bedroom/loft.
    From mid 2009 – I started taking them against a specific wall.
    Summer 2009 – in bathrooms all over Europe.
    From Sep 2009 to Sep 2012 – mostly behind my bathroom door.
    Sep 2011 – June 2012 – Taken in my Uni room and bathroom.
    June 2012 – September 2012 – Taken in New York.

    I guess you could say I’m a very depressed person. It’s one of the many reasons that I’ve found it hard to produce videos this year.

    A person should not be defined by how “beautiful” they may or may not be. A person should be recognised for their personality and contributions, not for their spots and their hair loss.

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